• Largest independent supplier and shipper of untreated crossties
  • Delivering a dependable supply of quality crossties
  • Leading the industry in 'greener', longer-lasting crossties at lower cost
  • Creating a new industry standard for borate pre-treated crossties
  • Growing through sales, service, acquisition and joint venture

Introducing Tuff-Tie™, our borate pre-treated crosstie with enhanced environmental benefits and greater longevity at lower cost.

Letter from the founders

The original recommendation letter for our founders.

From 'Worthy and Competent' to Innovative, we are delivering a new industry standard for longer lasting crossties with enhanced environmental benefits at a lower cost.

From "Worthy and Competent ..." to Innovative in a Century

In 1920, when Francis Gross and John Janes began supplying wood crossties to the railroad industry, there were 200,000 miles of track during the golden years of commercial railroad and passenger transportation. Our founders were described by their original St. Louis bankers as "worthy and competent and able to deliver ties as well as anyone." This was an era of unsurpassed character.

In the intervening years, Gross & Janes experienced continued growth. The procurement footprint expanded to a multi-state region, new rail loading facilities were added, and we built value added processing plants. In recent years, we have added innovative technology with Tuff-Tie™ Borate pre-treatment process. We are now delivering a new industry standard for a longer in-track life cycle.

As described by the American Association of Railroads (AAR): "Railroads make consistently high investments, and the results are impressive: High-paying industry jobs; additional industry-supported jobs; industry and consumer connection to the global market; and local community growth from sizeable funds infused into the market and government budgets.

These benefits come at a savings of billions of dollars each year for taxpayers because America's freight railroads operate overwhelmingly on infrastructure that they own, build, maintain and pay for themselves."

Gross & Janes is proud to boast: Annual railroad capital expenditures include natural hardwood crossties and switch ties provided by G&J and their many sawmill partners.