• Largest independent supplier and shipper of untreated crossties
  • Delivering a dependable supply of quality crossties
  • Leading the industry in 'greener', longer-lasting crossties at lower cost
  • Creating a new industry standard for borate pre-treated crossties
  • Growing through sales, service, acquisition and joint venture

Introducing Tuff-Tie™, our borate pre-treated crosstie with enhanced environmental benefits and greater longevity at lower cost.

Letter from the founders

The original recommendation letter for our founders.

From 'Worthy and Competent' to Innovative, we are delivering a new industry standard for longer lasting crossties with enhanced environmental benefits at a lower cost.

From ‘Worthy and Competent’ to Innovative

In 1920, when Gross & Janes Co. began supplying wood crossties to the railroad industry, there were thousands of track lines during the golden years of commercial railroad transportation and travel. Our founders were described by their bankers as ‘worthy and competent and able to deliver ties as well as anyone.’

In the intervening years, Gross & Janes has experienced continued growth. This is testimony to our ‘customer-first’ way of doing business. In recent years we have made acquisitions, added an innovative new patent pending borate pre-treatment process, and trademarked the industry’s first borate pre-treated crossties. We are now delivering a new industry standard for longer lasting crossties with enhanced environ¬mental benefits at a lower cost.

  • Summer 2015: We opened a new company-owned sawmill in Maplesville, Alabama.
  • March 2014: We opened a new $2.2 million railroad crosstie production and borate treatment facility in Camden, Arkansas. The new facility replaced an existing Gross & Janes crosstie plant in Camden and consolidated production from two other company plants in Taylor, Arkansas and Carthage, Texas.
  • Fall 2012: We introduced Tuff-Tie™, our patent-pending new two-step non-pressurized borate pre-treated crosstie, to the railroad industry.
  • January 2012: We acquired a railroad crosstie production facility in Taylor, Arkansas and approximately 4,200 acres of hardwood timber in Arkansas and Louisiana. We began commercial application of our borate pre-treated crossties at this specially engineered facility. The acquisition of hardwood timber also gives us entry into the vertical integration of the railroad crosstie industry while also reducing our risk in the event of a shortage of timber for our mills.