• Largest independent supplier and shipper of untreated crossties
  • Delivering a dependable supply of quality crossties
  • Leading the industry in 'greener', longer-lasting crossties at lower cost
  • Creating a new industry standard for borate pre-treated crossties
  • Growing through sales, service, acquisition and joint venture

Introducing Tuff-Tie™, our borate pre-treated crosstie with enhanced environmental benefits and greater longevity at lower cost.

Mike Pourney, President & CEO

"We are delivering a NEW industry standard for longer lasting crossties with enhanced environmental benefits at a lower cost."

Bill Behan, President,
Gross & Janes Co.

Become a Supplier

The Gross & Janes extensive sawmill provider network covers a multi-state region enabling us to market production to multiple sources. We purchase crossties and switch ties from more than 125 independently owned and operated sawmills across a wide area. Our decades long relationships with sawmills enable us to maintain a consistent supply. These sawmills are often multi-generational businesses with the same family values that are shared by Gross & Janes. The trust we build with sawmill owners carries through to the reliance by our customers for a quality product. We are proud of the history we have built together with our producing partners.

If you would like to learn more about our successful sawmillers and become a trusted Gross & Janes crosstie provider, please contact:

Bill Behan