• Largest independent supplier and shipper of untreated crossties
  • Delivering a dependable supply of quality crossties
  • Leading the industry in 'greener', longer-lasting crossties at lower cost
  • Creating a new industry standard for borate pre-treated crossties
  • Growing through sales, service, acquisition and joint venture

Introducing Tuff-Tie™, our borate pre-treated crosstie with enhanced environmental benefits and greater longevity at lower cost.

Mike Pourney, President & CEO

"We are delivering a NEW industry standard for longer lasting crossties with enhanced environmental benefits at a lower cost."

Bill Behan, President,
Gross & Janes Co.

Delivering a Dependable Supply of Quality Crossties

Gross & Janes has been producing quality railroad crossties, gum panels and switchties since 1920. Headquartered in St. Louis, Gross & Janes has grown from a single production facility to become an international business whose crossties can be found in thousands of miles of tracks throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States. We are privately held and have been owned by the same family since our inception.

Today we operate value-added ‘green’ crosstie processing facilities in Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas. At these facilities we cut high quality raw material into precise crosstie sizes, provide incising, attach end plates and air stack the crossties for drying in our yards prior to shipment to third party treatment customers. At several of our facilities, we now also provide our two-step borate pre-treatment process prior to drying and shipment.

Our crosstie shipments are sent to third party plants for creosote treatment located in Alexandria, Louisiana; Denver, Colorado; North Little Rock, Arkansas; Hope, Arkansas; Somerville, Texas; and The Dalles, Oregon.

We purchase raw material from more than 225 independent sawmills located in ten states. Our decades long relationships with these sawmills enable us to maintain a consistent supply of ties available for our railroad customers. In addition to investing in our value added service facilities, Gross & Janes Co. provides financing for our producing sawmills. We also recently acquired 4200 acres of hardwood timber in Arkansas to further expand our access to available ties.

We are most competitive fulfilling contracts of 25,000 or more crossties.