• Largest independent supplier and shipper of untreated crossties
  • Delivering a dependable supply of quality crossties
  • Leading the industry in 'greener', longer-lasting crossties at lower cost
  • Creating a new industry standard for borate pre-treated crossties
  • Growing through sales, service, acquisition and joint venture

Introducing Tuff-Tie™, our borate pre-treated crosstie with enhanced environmental benefits and greater longevity at lower cost.

A. Lamar Smith, Springhill Land & Timber.

"We met the folks at Gross & Janes and liked them, and I think the feeling is mutual."

Welcome to Gross & Janes Co.!

Gross & Janes Co. is the largest independent supplier and shipper of untreated railroad crossties in North America. We provide Class 1 railroads and track maintenance contractors with high quality green and borate pre-treated crossties, including our new patent pending Tuff-Tie™. Today we are a railroad industry leader in the development and implementation of processes that reduce the environmental impact of crossties and increase their longevity at a lower cost.